Jackson is in trouble: EE & Three spar over performance sees advert banned

Three launched a multi-million advert last year to claim that it is the most reliable network in the UK, and while it is understandable that rival carrier EE won't like it, the ASA didn't buy it too.

The Advertising Standards Authority has now directed Three to not to show the ad again and stated that the ad is misleading and makes customers believe that it is based on objective tests.

The advertisement in question shows Jackson as a boxing champion with a championship belt around his waist and yelling his lungs out on being crowned again as the most reliable network in town. Three bases the ad on a YouGov report which crowned it with the honour for the seventh quarter in a row. The YouGov logo figures in the bottom left corner of the ad, which ASA believes customers may overlook and may believe Three's claim to be genuine and based on subjective consumer reviews. however, the ASA did not accuse the YouGov report of not being objective enough at the same time.

Here's another ad released by Three in which it makes a similar claim.


"We noted the findings of the YouGov SMIX report, but concluded that because consumers would understand the claim “The undisputed. UK’s most reliable network. Again” to be based on objective measures of network reliability rather than subjective consumer opinion, the claim as it would be understood had not been substantiated and was likely to mislead. Additionally, because we understood that there were no commonly agreed objective measures of network reliability against which Three had undisputedly scored higher than their competitors, we concluded that the claim “The undisputed” as used in the context of the ad was also likely to mislead," said the ASA in its website.

ASA took up the issue after EE raised a storm over the advert, challenging that Three's claim was misleading and could not be substantiated. EE was also supported by a member of the general public whose identity is not known to us. However, Three has expressed its disappointment over ASA's decision and has said that it will study ASA's decision before taking further steps.

“We have been recognised by consumers, based on their direct feedback to YouGov, as the UK’s most reliable network for an incredible seven quarters in a row. Technical tests conducted by Rootmetrics have also recently named us as the most reliable network, so we are naturally surprised and disappointed by the ASA’s decision. We are analysing the ruling before deciding our next step,” said Three in a statement.

Meanwhile, EE are celebrating and have not spared the opportunity to taunt Three about Jackson's call sign- Make it right.



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