Love phones with 4-inch displays? Samsung may launch one soon

Samsung launched two Tizen OS smartphones, namely Z1 and Z3 last year and even though they weren't as popular as Samsung hoped they would be, Samsung may launch an upgraded Z1 phone this year with Tizen OS and a, surprise surprise, 4-inch display!

Named Z2, the new phone may be priced below £100 like its predecessors and its purpose might be to destroy any chance that Apple's iPhone SE may have to succeed in emerging markets.

Samsung launches Z1- the first Tizen OS based smartphone

Incidentally, Z1, the first Tizen OS phone to roll out from Samsung's factory in January of last year, was also a 4-inch phone but its features and specifications probably matched those of the cheapest smartphones in the world. The phone packed disappointing specifications like a 768MB RAM, 4GB of internal storage, a MicroSD slot, a dual core 1.2 GHz processor and support for 3G networks. It was priced at an equivalent of just £60 when launched in India and some other countries.

According to Sammobile, the upcoming Z2 smartphone will come with LTE support but as of now, detailed specifications or other features that the phone may feature are not available. However, given that the phone could turn out to be a direct competitor to the spec-rich iPhone SE, Samsung may upgrade its performance levels by a good margin for the phone to stand any chance in the low-cost Indian smartphone market. Samsung has said that it hopes to launch Tizen-based smartphones in countries like the US, Europe, China, Russia, Malaysia and Korea and if the Z2 turns out to be a decent mid-range device, small screen lovers in the UK would surely love to give it a try.

Samsung unveils Z3, its second Tizen OS-based smartphone

Apple's recently launched 4-inch iPhone SE has received mixed reviews so far and most analysts are predicting that Apple didn't sell as many iPhone SEs in Europe as it may have hoped. Even though Apple claimed that there are still a large number of people who love the four inch form factor, cooling demand for the powerful iPhone suggests that tastes have changed and 5-inch devices have a better chance of succeeding in the near future. However, it will be interesting to see how Samsung's Z2 will perform in various markets post launch and it may turn out that pricing, and not form factor, could be the key to success.

Yet another determining factor would be Samsung's home-grown Tizen OS. Tizen is marketed by Samsung as a versatile OS which boasts shorter boot time, faster web browsing and seamless multitasking as well as ensuring longer battery life. However, user experiences of the TouchWiz UI have so far been dampened over extreme lag times, periodic stutters and infuriating hangs and we aren't sure if people would like to throw their money at the operating system until Samsung decides to use the OS in some of its premium gadgets.

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