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Even though mobile broadband has a long way to go before it can even dream of overtaking fixed line broadband connections in terms of scope, speed and reach, we have been witnessing a gradual rise in popularity of mobile broadband thanks to lower cost and increased speeds across the country.

When thinking of buying new phones with two-year contracts or going for SIM-only deals, the first names that come to phone users' minds are the big four, namely EE, O2, Three and Vodafone. However, there are a large number of mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) as well who offer great SIM-only mobile data deals which not only offer you decent speeds and coverage, but also help you save a lot of cash in the process.

We take a look at the five best mobile data deals which are perfect value-for-money's and which will let you browse and stream in peace without having to worry about heavy bills at the end of the month.

Virgin Media:

Virgin Media won the Best Value network at Mobile Choice Consumer Awards last year and the network continues to roll out flexible and value-for-money plans for its Pay Monthly and Play As You Go SIM-only customers which are among the best in the country.

How much data can £15 give you?

The network offers a range of SIM-only deals on 30-day rolling contracts which do not tie you down to long-term contracts and you have the power to choose when to terminate the contract and move over to a new one. As of now., the best value-for-money deal for SIM-only customers is a £13 a month one which will let you use up to 3GB of 4G data, send unlimited texts and make 5000 minutes of calls every month. You can also choose a £15 a month SIM-only deal which will give you 5000 minutes, unlimited texts and 5GB of 4G data. 

BT Mobile: It can't get cheaper than this

If you do not need too much of data or minutes but want slim deals at slim prices, BT Mobile has some data deals that are tailor-made for you. At the same time, the best thing about BT Mobile is that if you're an existing BT home broadband user, you get £5 off on your plan every month! You don't even have to be the account holder to avail this offer.

BT's new mobile broadband plans start at just £5 a month for those who already own BT home broadband connections and at £10 a month for those who don't. This basic plan offers users 500 MB of 4G data, unlimited texts and 200 minutes every month. At the same time, you can pay £17 per month (or £12 per month if you are an existing BT home broadband user) to avail 2GB of 4G data, unlimited texts and 500 minutes every month.

Netflix will let you save up on mobile data while you stream

By paying just £25 a month, you can also make use of tonnes of mobile data through BT's new offering which offers 20GB of 4G data, unlimited texts and minutes every month.

Rok Mobile: It's all about music!

Rok Mobile's plans are for those whose purpose in life is to stream music endlessly. As its website says, "ROK Mobile is the only mobile provider in the country to offer a plan that combines both mobile and music service for a low monthly cost without any hidden fees."

By paying £24.99 a month, not only will you be able to access unlimited minutes, texts and data, you will also be able to stream 20 million songs and download 2,000 of them each month on your phone. Rok Mobile also offers a 30-day trial (Test drive) for just £9.99 through which you can use 250 minutes, 500 texts, 500MB data and unlimited music streaming for two weeks. Isn't that grand?

Just so you know, EE has recently launched a new Pay As You Go SIM offering free subscription to MTV TRAX as well as 7GB of 4G data per month for the first three months. The deal includes all you can eat texts, 500 minutes of calls and 2GB of data for just £15 a month.

Lyca Mobile: Move over, biggies. Lyca's here!

Just like BT Mobile, Lyca Mobile offers mobile data plans starting at £5 a month, except that you don't have to be a BT home broadband customer to avail it. These data plans are for those who have enough minutes available on their existing plans but have run out of mobile data.

By paying £5, you can buy an additional 500MB of data and by paying £7.5, £10 and £12.5 a month, you can buy 1GB, 2GB and 3GB of data respectively. This basically means the more data you use, the less you pay.

While we mentioned about Three offering 8GB of data with unlimited minutes and texts for £24 a month, Lyca Mobile offers the same deal at just £20 a month. As of now, their best value offering is a £7.5 a month one which offers 500MB of data, 150 minutes and 150 texts every month.

iD Mobile: every bit of mobile data counts

iD Mobile have launched UK's first ever free rollover data plan which now lets you rollover your unused 4G data allowance over to the following month. The new plan is available to iD Mobile's customers with 12 or 24 month GoTo contracts or those owning the one-month GoTo SIM-Only plan.

iD's new rollover plan lets you use your entire mobile data allowance

To ensure you are able to use your data allowance optimally, a new month's data will only be used after the previous month's allowance is completely exhausted. Such usage is free of cost and will help you get your money's worth. How much data has already been consumed and how much remains to be spent can be found in your iD mobile app or through the My iD Account section of

iD's GoTo standard contracts offer handsets for free along with attractive text, minutes and data plans. If you want to buy a 32GB iPhone 5S from iD, you can get the handset by paying an upfront cost of £49.99 and get 2000 minutes, 5000 texts and 2GB of data by paying £47.50 a month for twelve months.

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    last x-mas EE somehow gave me a crazy deal of 30GB /month for £17 but this is on a year contract

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    ROK Mobile is not unlimited data. Please revise.

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