Apple Music reset: All you need to know

Apple Music is set for a complete makeover and while Apple is expected to announce the looks and features of the streaming service at its next developer conference, we have managed to get our hands on the expected upgrades that the new app will feature.

The new Apple Music app will be customised for iOS 10 and will feature a black and white interface with larger album artworks along with lyrics integration.

Back in December, Apple Music, which was then only a few months old, clocked 54 million worldwide users and became the only streaming service to feature in Nielsen's list of top ten smartphone apps of 2015. Aside from being popular, the app offers access to over 30 million songs and lets users interact and chat with artists from all genres. With the expected overhaul which will be unveiled at Apple's upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference in June, Apple Music may also attract music lovers from other streaming services and may also offer incentives to existing users to continue using the service.

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According to 9to5Mac, the overhauled Music app will feature a brand new interface fielding black and white colours, simplified features and a few new functions. While the interface in the existing app changes colours based on the colour of the album art which is being played, the new interface won't change colours but will feature a larger album art image to retain a bright and colourful look. At the same time, the new app will offer previews to albums and tracks via the 3D Touch feature which came with the latest iPhone 6s and 6s Plus handsets.

Apple Music will also feature Apple's San Francisco font which as introduced with iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan last year. Apple plans to use the font in all its devices, operating systems and apps and the Music streaming app will be no exception. Even though the interface will change, the menus in the music app will largely stay the same except for the fact that the 'New' tab will make way for a new 'Browse' tab which will organise albums, tracks, curated content based on genres, top charts and music launches in a user-friendly manner.

Apple Music clocks 54 million users, features in top smartphone apps of 2015

Considering that a mere change in interface may not attract a lot of music lovers, Apple may also introduce several new functions to revamp the music app, says Bloomberg. While users have to search for lyrics manually and need to sync them with tracks themselves, the upgraded app will feature lyrics integration which will let users read or sing to lyrics while playing tracks at the same time. While lyrics won't be integrated with all tracks on Apple Music, Bloomberg says that a good amount of songs will feature lyrics integration and more will be integrated later as part of a gradual process.

Back in November, Apple Music entered the Android ecosystem and made the Beats 1 online music station available to Android users around the world. Like its iOS app, Apple Music's Android app also offers a three-month free trial and gives users access to over 30 million songs from various genres across the globe.

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