HTC smartwatch to launch on 6 June: rumours

HTC's much-awaited and at the same time, much-delayed smartwatch may finally hit the shores next month. As per a number of fresh rumours, the next HTC smartwatch will be announced on June 6.

Even though such rumours have been floating around since the beginning of the year, we are yet to come across any leaked images, path breaking features or specifications of the new smartwatch.

Back in December, Evan Blass, a popular spoiler of secret and upcoming smartphones and smartwatches on Twitter, announced that HTC's smartwatch will be available in February. By launching the smartwatch, we felt, HTC would beat the expected launch of Apple Watch 2 by a month and will munch on some decent sales in the process.


However, it has been five months since Even Blass first tweeted about the smartwatch but not only have we been given a new launch date, but the launch of Apple Watch 2 has also been deferred till next month. It seems both smartwatches are destined to enter the smartwatch battlefield at the same time, albeit flying different colours. As per available info, the HTC smartwatch will run on Android Wear, given that HTC runs Android OS in all its smartphones. If it does, you'll be able to enjoy several new features like Wi-Fi connectivity, always-on apps, access to contacts and apps with a simple tap on the home screen, access to a lot of Emoji characters and wrist flick navigation.

A HTC Watch to go with the One M9? Possible

Uber Gizmo are also flirting with a possibility that HTC may launch its smartwatch at Google's next I/O conference later this month. Just like smartphones, a lot of manufacturers run Google's Android Wear in their smartwatches but Google seldom shows up in their launch events. If the smartwatch does launch at Google's gala event, we may be led to assume that the device could be a Nexus smartwatch, running only Google's apps and featuring no distracting interfaces. While HTC has recently bagged a three-year production contract for Nexus smartphones, we aren't sure if the terms of the contract extend to smartwatches as well.

Back in February, HTC CEO Cher Wang reportedly stated that “when HTC comes out with a smartwatch, we will turn the industry on its head.” If HTC's new smartwatch turns out to be the first ever Nexus smartwatch, we would partly agree with her statement. Android Wear currently features in smartwatches marketed by LG, Samsung, Motorola, Sony and Huawei, among others. If HTC joins the elite league in June, it'll surely make it easier for you to choose your favourite one, given that the watch will come with an all new design and its own unique proposition.

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