Google Nexus 2016: Specs, rumours and release date

Google's Nexus devices, despite not being able to match the swag and popularity of Apple's iPhones thus far, have nevertheless been the go-to devices for Android lovers and with the latest Android N OS launching later this month, we should be able to get a pretty good idea on what the next Nexus phone will be all about.

What we already know about the upcoming Nexus phone is that it'll be a product of HTC's unique design principles combined with Android in its purest form.

Even though fingerprint sensors, Hi-Fi stereos, champhered edges and two-sized variants are things that we won't have to speculate about while imagining a future Nexus device, what we are curious about is if the next Nexus phone will be able to beat the beautiful Galaxy S7 design or the modular character of the LG G5. Given that HTC hasn't been faring too well despite unveiling some splendid phones in the last twelve months, the Taiwanese phone maker might put its entire might behind the next Nexus handset.

Before we take a look at rumours, let's deal with real facts first. It is no secret that Android N will form the soul of the next Nexus handset. As fas a developer previews suggest, Android N will introduce the split-screen mode in smartphones, a feature that has so far been implemented in tablets. Aside from being able to view and work on two apps at a time, you will also be able to view the home screen as well as all apps in both portrait and landscape modes in your Nexus phone.

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If you own a smart TV, will be able to connect your Nexus phone to your TV and play videos via apps optimised for Android N. On your phone, you will also be able to reply to text messages directly from the notifications panel.

Size-wise, the upcoming Nexus phone will be available in two sizes- one with a 5-inch display and another with a 5.5-inch one. As per Evan Blass on Twitter, HTC is working on two Nexus handsets which are code named M1 and S1. According to Android Police, M1 and S1 are in fact code names for Marlin and Sailfish which are nothing by internal model names used by Google. Just like every Nexus phone has till now sported the latest available Qualcomm processor, we expect the upcoming Nexus handsets to debut with the latest 64-bit Snapdragon 820 processor.

As per a few reports, Google may launch its next Nexus phone as early as this month along with Android N. While we find the fact hard to believe, a few events point to the fact that a Nexus phone is around the corner. As per Day Herald, prices of Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X have hit rock bottom this week. While the larger Nexus 6P is now available at a total discount, including gift cards and general discounts, of $100 in the United States, the smaller Nexus 5X is retailing for just $285 on Amazon.

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"Experts are speculating that the older devices are being flushed out from the market before the brand new Google Nexus 2016 is rolled out. Reports are coming in which suggest that HTC might be building the next Nexus smartphones," said the website.

According to Bitbag, the release timeline could be quite the contrary. Quoting IB Times, the website says that the launch of this year's Nexus phone may in fact get delayed till the end of the year. It adds that Nexus 2016 will feature a metal unibody, cameras with OIS, wireless charging and Nexus VR to work with VR headsets.

With a lot of reports pointing at an impending launch of Nexus 2016, the phone's expected features, its sizes and the HTC-imprint on it makes our wait to see them in our palms even more difficult. With Google's next I/O conference scheduled later this month, we'll keep our ears tuned inside Google's headquarters to see if Nexus 2016 will indeed launch later this month.

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