Cortana won't work with Google search anymore; marries Bing

Microsoft has decided to use Cortana as a leverage in an attempt to make Windows 10 device owners use Bing and Edge as their sole default search engine and browser respectively.

Microsoft says that if you use Bing and Edge, you will be able to bring out the best in Cortana and get to use all its features.

Microsoft has been investing heavily in Cortana ever since Windows 10 was launched. Cortana is a close equivalent of Siri and Google Now and works as your personal digital assistant, helping you find your favourite apps, settings, documents and things that you are looking for on the web.

Microsoft is not only asking you to use its search engine and browser, it is also offering reasons why you should. If you are searching for a restaurant chain, the Edge browser will not only open up their website but will also show you the locations of their outlets in your vicinity. At the same time, if you wish to look up the web to troubleshoot a problem in your Windows 10 device, Bing will open up online videos to let you solve your problems rather than depending on third party help forums. Cortana will also offer you more information about that dress you saw on the web and can even offer coupons if you're thinking about buying new clothes on Best Buy.

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"As we look ahead, we are continuing to invest in these end-to-end personal search experiences and you will begin to see even more benefits from this integration. This includes scenarios like searching “get tickets to Rihanna show” in the Cortana box, where Microsoft Edge opens to Bing, and Cortana finds the best tickets for your preferences and offers to purchase them on your behalf," said Microsoft in a blog post.

Microsoft adds that other search engines, and we're sure they are talking about Google, aren't designed to work with Cortana like Bing is and the results are unreliable and unpredictable. As such, the company has decided to make Bing the sole search engine which will reveal search results as soon as you type in anything on the Cortana box.

However, Microsoft has also made it clear, probably in light of the ongoing antitrust feud between the European Union and Google, that you can continue to use search engines and browsers of your choice in Windows 10 devices. On your device's settings, you can easily add Google as the default search engine even if you use the Edge browser and can use Chrome, Firefox or Opera as your default web browser.

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In short, you can continue to work the way you have done so far in your Windows 10 device, but the moment you type anything in the Cortana box, you'll be greeted with search results on Bing and websites and related links on Edge. The move by Microsoft, apart from offering you an all-round and reliable browsing, shopping and multimedia experience, could also be a way to give its Bing search engine a power boost at a time when Google search continues to rule the charts.

In December of 2014, Facebook introduced its own search tool in the Graphic Search platform in its website, replacing Bing as the traditional search tool for millions of its users. While Bing provided links to standalone websites apart from information within Facebook, the new search engine was aimed at providing search results from within Facebook alone so that users could spend more time in the app. The new search engine also allows users to search for their friends’ comments and posts. Facebook has also recently added features like trending news section and live feeds to enhance the users’ ability to search latest news and updates.

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