Guess how much money Facebook made from your FB obsession this year

The difference between Apple and Facebook is that even though people may eventually get tired of a particular phone brand, they won't let go of their love for social interaction so easily.

The difference could not have been clearer after Facebook announced its financial results for the first quarter of the year, revealing record revenue, huge profits and a much larger user base than in the previous quarter.

Around the same time, the seemingly invincible Apple saw its year-on-year revenue fall for the first time in a decade, with Chinese phone makers and Samsung profiting from its decline. While Apple's user base seems to have stagnated, Facebook added over 200 million users in the last three months despite being the most widespread and popular social media platform with no new regions to cover.

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At the same time, Facebook also profited from over a billion WhatsApp users and just over 400 million Instagram users. The company's revenue from mobile ads alone jumped 57 per cent from $3.3 billion to $5.2 billion. This means that while you were worth $2.50 to Facebook back in December, you are now worth $3.32 to the social networking giant, even though there are a lot more people on Facebook than there were three months ago.

Another reason why Facebook's mobile ads are more profitable now is because users like us are now spending more time on the app, enabling the company to quote higher prices to advertisers. The main chunk of the revenue has come from Facebook's embedded video service which allows advertisers to run promoted videos on the site that all of us can watch. Ever since Facebook began ramping up autoplay videos into the News Feed as well as promoting premium video advertising, its share in the online video market has been consistently on the up as well, much to the chagrin of YouTube.

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Facebook has also invested heavily on features like allowing non-users to sign up on Messenger, Facebook at Work to let job seekers and employers interact on the site, Search FYI which now lets you access over two trillion public posts on the Facebook app and an e-commerce venture to let you search for products and buy them within the app without being migrated to outside links.

With these investments along with a proposal to run ads on Instagram, Facebook's earnings in the next few quarters may continue to grow like they have in the last decade.

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