EE promises to cover all of UK with 4G services by 2020

EE says it will offer super fast 4G coverage to 99.8 per cent of the population in the next four years, aside from on-shoring 100 per cent of service calls by the end of the year.

If you live in a region where none of the networks offer 4G speeds, EE will probably be the first as the operator is initiating healthy investments to cover 'non spots' and regions which till now didn't figure in any of the operators' 4G expansion plans.

EE's new 4G expansion plan will now be based on geographical coverage than on population densities. This way, people living in sparsely populated regions as well as distant towns and villages will be able to access 4G speeds just like their acquaintances in major cities do now.

No 4G half the time you travel across the UK!

In the process, EE will also increase its 4G reach from the current 60 per cent of the country's land mass to up to 95 per cent by 2020.

“For the average smartphone user, not-spots aren’t tolerated and 2G doesn’t deliver what they need. Customers want 4G speeds everywhere they go, and mobile operators are too used to saying ‘no’ to new coverage. Today, I’m saying ‘yes’, with an ambition to go further than any operator has ever gone, and with the ultimate aim of covering the whole UK with 4G," said Marc Allera, CEO at EE.

Using BT's fibre broadband links, EE switched on its 4G services in distant regions like Shetland and the Isles of Scilly which are almost 1,000 miles apart. EE has also enabled Voice over LTE in cities like London, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast, Leeds and Newcastle and is building 750 new sites across the country to plug 'not-spots' in areas where 4G services are already active.

Ofcom's smart cities report is out; EE still at the top

To offer the best-possible customer service experience to its users, EE is also on-shoring 100 per cent of customer service jobs in the UK and Ireland by the end of the year. This will also create six hundred new jobs across the country, including more than a hundred in Merthyr, North Tyneside, Plymouth and Ireland by June.

“We’re bringing 100% of our EE customer service calls back to the UK and Ireland. We’ve already seen a major boost in customer satisfaction by creating 1,400 new service jobs here since 2014. Now we’re creating 600 additional jobs to handle all EE customer service calls in the UK and Ireland by the end of this year, providing the best possible experience for our customers,” Allera added.

EE is still the best bet when it comes to network performance and speed

A few days ago, a consumer research group named Which? conducted a survey on the reach of 4G services of all the four major networks across UK. The study revealed that on an average, smartphone users across the country will be able to access 4G only 53 per cent of the time. The study added that the UK lags 39 other countries where phone users can access 4G signals at least 60 per cent of the time.

The number isn't the same for every network though. If you are an EE subscriber, you will be able to access 4G 60.6 per cent of the time, while Vodafone and O2 subscribers have to make do with 4G access 57 per cent and 56 per cent of the time respectively. Customers of Three will get access to 4G services only 39.8 per cent of the time.

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