Get paid for every Facebook update? Where do we sign up?

Facebook will soon be a great way for you to earn money, by simply promoting a cause, through a virtual tip jar, promoting branded content or through a call to action button.

As per reports, Facebook is mulling new ways to let users earn money through a variety of ways, but it's not clear when the concept will be officially announced or launched.

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Facebook sent out a questionnaires to some verified users but since the number of such users is very limited, we doubt if the option of earning money on the site will be available to everyone. However, there's no way to know on what basis Facebook selected such users.

“It’s still very early, but we’re committed to creating sustainable, long-term monetization models for our partners and we’re listening to feedback,” said a Facebook spokesperson to TIME.

Through the monetization feature, you will be able to earn tips from friends and acquaintances via a virtual tip jar, which is very similar to a feature in Facebook Messenger which lets you send money to your friends directly.

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You will also be able to let your friends contribute towards a cause or to fund promotions through a 'call to action' button, or even earn a part of the ad revenue that Facebook earned on your posts.

As of now, Facebook only lets businesses make money on the site. The social networking giant recently marked its entry in the e-commerce market through a feature which let you follow businesses on their Facebook pages and buy products directly from there without getting redirected.

"We're looking to give people an easier way to find products that will be interesting to them on mobile, make shopping easier and help businesses drive sales," said Emma Rodgers, head of product marketing for commerce at Facebook.

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