Finally! 3D Touch set to feature in Android phones with Android N OS

Google's upcoming Android N is just around the corner but the company is leaving no stones unturned to make it as good or, if possible, better than Apple's iOS 9.

As per reports, Google is introducing a new feature in Android N which, like 3D Touch in iPhones, will let you view app options by pressing harder on apps.

The latest beta of Android N, which was made available to developers last week, introduced support for "Launcher shortcuts" which "define shortcuts which users can expose in the launcher to help them perform actions quicker." This means that by pressing harder on an app on your phone's app window, you will be able to launch app options and select what you need without having to open the app.

Instagram app brings 3D Touch feature to Android users

As per Google, the feature was introduced in Android N as Android phone manufacturers wanted the code to be present in the OS itself to save themselves the effort of building such a feature separately for all devices. However, while Android N will officially launch with the next Nexus devices in September, it'll take a long time to slowly trickle down to other OEMs and users of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will probably get to enjoy it by February of next year.

However, this does not necessarily imply that all future Android phones with Android N on-board will carry the feature. Those who will be averse to running the feature in their handsets will be able to give it a pass.

Apple's new 3D Touch and here's what it is all about

The existing 3D Touch feature in iPhone 6s and 6s Plus works on pressure-based stimuli, making iPhone displays respond differently to taps, light press and long press by your fingers. For example, if you're using the Maps app, once you press lightly over an area, the app will highlight it and once you press harder, the app will show directions to the area.

Similarly, while watching videos, you can light press the screen to scroll through them or long press to scroll faster. Long pressing on a track in your Music app can also give you an option to add it to an existing playlist.

Among Android phone makers, Huawei was the first to experiment with such a feature when it introduced Force Touch technology in the 128GB Mate S. The feature lets you open new menus and app settings by applying varying levels of pressure on the display.

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