Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death now features a QR code!

The legendary Windows Blue Screen of Death will not only have a sad face to keep its users in good humour. Instead, Microsoft is adding new QR codes to BSODs for quicker error resolution.

While the sad face in Windows 8 blue screens lasted only a few seconds, users had no idea what to do with it and got no clue on the source of errors.

The newly-introduced QR codes now hold significant information on each type of error and ways to fix them. If your Windows 10 screen goes blue all of a sudden, you can scan the QR code with your phone and get access to an encoded URL which will help you troubleshoot any errors and find ways to fix them.

Microsoft brings in great new additions with Dropbox app for Windows 10

Don't get too excited though. The codes were spotted in a preview of the latest version of Windows 10 by testers, but will roll out to Windows 10 users in the summer as part of the Windows Anniversary Update. Given that how many times Microsoft has broken promises of rolling out Windows 10 mobile to older Windows phones, we'll take this information with a pinch of salt.

Last week, Microsoft released a preview version of Windows 10 which introduced a feature that let you use Cortana across Windows 10 devices. The update also rolled out an Universal Skype app, updates to the Action Center as well as low battery notifications.

Microsoft delays roll out of Windows 10 Mobile again!

The last major Windows 10 update took place in January when Microsoft introduced several great additions to the Dropbox app for Windows 10. The update brought in features like Drag & drop which let you easily move files from your Windows folders to the app by simply clicking on them and dragging them into the app, Quick search which let you access anything you need by simply  typing in what you're looking for without having to bother about the search icon and the ability to accept shared folder invitations by setting up interactive notifications.

Microsoft also ended support for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 in January, choosing to focus on IE 12 and the new Edge browser that was introduced with Windows 10 last year. Retaining the Internet Explorer's logo, Edge is said to be faster, leaner and more advanced than its tired predecessor. Featuring integration with Cortana, it also contains a revamped look offering more surface area to browser tabs and better screen distribution to make way for more content.

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