Microsoft's Surface phone may launch at IFA this year!

Microsoft may launch the first Surface phone at IFA in Berlin which will take place in September this year.

A flurry of leaks and rumours point towards an IFA launch for the Surface phone not long after Microsoft confirmed that the phone is in development.

Having launched a number of Windows 10 phones so far like the premium Lumia 950 and 950 XL phones, the mid-range Lumia 650 and the budget phone Lumia 550, Microsoft is now planning on giving the Windows 10 mobile OS a breather and launching a premium Surface phone instead.

Microsoft to unveil the first Surface phone next year!

Apart from the fact that a number of leaks on the upcoming Surface phone have already emerged, Microsoft has also suggested that Windows isn't the right platform to generate developer interest, at least in the current year.

“If you wanted to reach a lot of phone customers, Windows Phone isn’t the way to do it. If you want to reach a lot of Windows customers, then this is the largest install base of 9 to 30-inch screens. If you wanted to do new and exciting things, then the Xbox and HoloLens is the place to have a discussion,” said Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President of the Windows and Devices Group at Microsoft while speaking at Microsoft's BUILD 2016.

“We’re going to do some cool things with phones, but this year phones are an important part of our family but not the tip of the spear,” he added.

Apart from investing in new VR platforms, Microsoft has also outsourced the phone-making business to its Surface team based in Redmond and led by Panos Panay. It was reported that the next phone from Microsoft will be based on the interface currently being used by Microsoft's Surface devices.

Microsoft to take eye off the ball with Windows Phone!

While a number of experts were expecting the Surface phone to launch at Mobile World Congress, it's non-appearance at the event has now created a new expectation that the phone may launch at the next big smartphone event- IFA in Berlin.

As per existing leaks and rumours, Surface Phone will run on Intel's x86 processor and will run Windows programmes like Continuum and a USB Type-C port for quick data transfers. The Surface team have already churned out some amazing gadgets like the Surface Book and the very popular Surface Pro 4 tablet, so we're sure the next Surface phone could turn out to be a true premium device.

Thanks to Intel's x86 chips, Surface phone will be able to run not only Windows Store apps but also Win32 apps which will make it run like a true personal computer. However, as Windows Central claims, the Surface phone may not be an all-metal phone, so it is possible that we may be looking at a plastic or a composite material body here. Even though a prototype is currently under testing in Surface' labs in Redmond, there have so far been no indications on how the phone will look like.

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