Samsung joins Google, patents smart contact lens

In a world full of brilliant smartphone displays and VR gadgets, why should something as close to the eye as a contact lens get the shrug? It hasn't actually, for Samsung has just won a patent for a smart contact lens which can project images directly into your eye!

The now-patented technology involves contact lenses containing built-in cameras, sensors and embedded antennas to project images processed on a smartphone directly into your eye.

Samsung's patent application stated that since smart glasses offer limited image quality, smart contact lenses, being closer to the eye, can offer augmented reality in better quality and will also enable users to capture images by simply blinking an eye.

Image source: Sammobile

Samsung applied for the patent back in 2014 and even though it took a couple of years for the technology to get patented, we aren't sure if Samsung will release a commercial version of the smart contact lens in the near future.

Back in October, software giant Google won a patent for a smart lens that carried a range of sensors and charged itself with solar power! Unlike Samsung's technology, Google's smart contact lenses can measure blood glucose levels by testing samples of tears secreted by tear glands in your eye. It can also check your internal body temperature and body alcohol content by analysing your tears.

All these functions will be carried out by tiny chips and sensors planted within the lens. There'll still be space enough for photo-detector sensors which will let the lens remain active for long hours. Through these sensors, it will be able to connect with phones and computers too! As per Google, the lens will be able to wear barcodes and can be used to verify your identity as well.

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