Scam warnings over Facebook safari water parks posts

A new page that propped up on Facebook and offered a fantastic waterpark adventure in Liverpool as well as a tour to 30 other cities has been flagged by the Liverpool City Council.

Nearly five thousand people have already confirmed that they will be attending the event and another twenty thousand have expressed their interest even though some reports suggest the page in itself could be a scam.

“We have not received any application for a license or planning applications from this event,” said the Liverpool City Council while warning Facebook users not to share any personal information on the community page.

Facebook to enable users to flag fake news

“We advise people not to give any personal details - and certainly not to send any money - something which has no confirmed details on location or dates," said a council spokesperson.

The page, named ‘Safari Waterpark Adventure Tour UK’, offers ' signature thrill rides for a full day of fun for the entire family' and among others, includes ‘splash zone,’ bumper boats “and more."

The organisers have not shared any specific details regarding location or the exact dates of the event, but have mentioned that  “Once we have licensing permission from the councils in every city, locations and exact dates will be disclosed.”

Several people have commented on the page stating that the event could be a sham and the page was created to collect personal details of those who responded to the invitation.

Step away from those Facebook quizzes NOW!

This isn't the first time that Facebook has been used to data-mine users and capture personal data. Last year, UK based Comparitech published an article on their blog about how apps that run quizzes on Facebook are slowly walking in on your privacy, taking notes, and pictures without you even noticing.

Apps like usually take permissions from users to scan their posts and also on a number of terms and conditions which nobody ever reads. Alarmingly, the list of details which can access include your name, profile picture, age, sex, birthday, and other public info, your friend list, all your posts, all your photos and the ones you're tagged in, hometown, current city, IP address, info about your device and your education history. Wow, even NSA would be jealous of such a database!

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