Oculus waives Rift shipping fee as shipments get delayed

Oculus Rift went on sale just a week ago and deliveries of the next batch of the VR platform are already faltering, thanks to a glitch in the manufacturing process.

However, if you aren't in a rush to get hold of a Rift, you'll be able to profit from it as Oculus has waived off shipping costs to compensate the delay.

At the moment, the Rift costs around £499 and Oculus charges close to £50 to ship one to the UK. To use the Rift, you will need a high-end PC with GPUs like Nvidia GeForce 970 or AMD Radeon 290 which support frame rate of 90 fps and are capable of running VR software like the one in the Oculus Rift. A PC like that will cost you somewhere in the region of £800 or more, making the total cost shoot up to £1300!

If you have a Mac, you can forget about the Oculus Rift VR headset

This is also the reason why the best Macs, including the 6,000 Mac Pro are currently unable to support Oculus Rift, a fact confirmed by Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus.

As of now, Oculus Rift comes with a light frame, a headset with OLED display and attached headphones with 3D audio and features 360-degree head tracking and expanded positional tracking capabilities. The Rift also supports augmented and virtual reality in all light conditions, indoors or outdoors. Also included are finger tracking capabilities on the Rift's Touch controllers. This may apply to gestures like pointing, making a finger gun and the quintessential thumbs up.

To use the Rift, you need to basically wear the headset to be able to view virtual reality movies or to play games which have been configured as per the gadget's specifications. The lighter weight as well as better ergonomics of the gadget ensures that you won't have to hold the gadget with your hands while running it.

Sony to release PlayStation VR for £349 come October!

Even though Oculus have waived off the shipping costs on all pre-orders, the firm has refused to confirm a date when the shipments will resume. However, the firm will deviler an update on the resumption of shipments by the middle of April.

Even though Oculus can afford a delay in shipments at the moment, further delays in May could be crippling for the firm as HTC's Vive VR system will start shipping from next month.

HTC Vive is currently priced at £689 and will come with two wireless VR controllers, room scale movement sensors, and an HMD featuring a built in camera and phone services, plus three VR titles. Sony's PlayStation VR will also be available come October and will cost just £349. The consumer edition will include a head-mounted display, earphones and more than fifty VR titles including Headmaster, Valkyrie and Rez Infinite.

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