Top mobile adverts starring movie stars!

LG has signed up Jason Statham to feature in adverts of its G5 modular smartphone, not long after Apple signed up Jamie Foxx and NBA star Steph Curry to sell iPhone 6s and Siri.

New ads of the G5 featuring Jason Statham will highlight the modular feature of the phone like an easy-grip camera and a Hi-Fi audio system.

“I think the concept that LG is putting forward with the G5 and its modular design is going to catch on with consumers. I enjoyed partnering with LG and working on this commercial, so I hope that shows through in the final piece,” said Statham, whose popularity has touched its peak thanks to The Transporter and The Expendables series.



The ads will be posted to LG Mobile’s Facebook page and will be shown worldwide from April 1 when the G5 will be officially available in stores.

Back in October, Apple roped in movie star Jamie Foxx and NBA star Steph Curyy to feature in advertisements on the just-launched iPhone 6s and the wonders of Siri. While two 15-second ads starring Jamie Foxx circled on how Siri works with his lifestyle, a third one-minute commercial starring Steph Curry shows off new features of iPhone 6s like 4K video shooting, Live Photos and sharing images quickly with friends.


 Apple also posted a hilarious ad on iPhone 6s last October starring Bill Hader, the popular Saturday Night Live actor.


This isn't the first time that LG has roped in movie stars to advertise its phones. Last year, LG released ads of the spectacular V10 featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a popular movie star best known for his roles in Inception, Lincoln and The Dark Knight Rises.

Last year, Robert Downey Jr. appeared in ten short ads for the HTC One M9 for which he received a mind-boggling $250 million as well as full artistic control over how those ads would shape up. While each ad tried to be funny in its own way, viewers failed to link any of them with the HTC One M9 until HTC CMO himself had to explain the rationale behind those ads.

“HTC asked Robert Downey Jr. to produce a series of videos to celebrate the release of their new phone, the HTC One M9. He had full creative reign and definitely flexed his artistic versatility, producing a series of visions inspired by the device and incorporating some of HTC’s philosophies around creativity," said HTC CMO Idris Mootee.

When you look at these pieces as a whole it seems to be about the will to overcome and especially the urge to create, which has a lot to do with why HTC would make a phone this powerful and beautiful, a phone that’s really a phone for creatives. The films are open for interpretation but the overall message really seems to be go out and make something,” he added.

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