Where to get your phone fixed if you break the screen?

Smartphones with cracked displays aren't new to anyone. No matter how much you invest in a new phone, it's sparkling display can shatter or develop a crack at a moment's notice.

The fact is that getting your phone's display replaced by the manufacturer can cost you dear, and manufacturer warranties only cover faults that go wrong automatically which don't really happen with displays. I've never come across a display which breaks by itself.

On the flip side, if you get your smartphone display repaired or replaced by a third party repairer, manufacturer warranty will become void instantly.

iPhone smashed? Don't let Apple 'brick' it!

Which is why Quick Mobile Fix is now offering warranties as part of its repair package. The firm offers quick repair solutions for a range of devices from all major phone and tablet makers. Usually, getting your iPhone's broken screen repaired by Apple costs you upward of £100, but Quick Mobile Fix is offering the same solution at a much lesser cost.

For example, if you own an iPhone 4s, repairing its front screen will cost you just £35.99. This will rise to £49.99 in case of an iPhone 5s and £79.99 if you own an iPhone 6.

iSmash is yet another well-known device repairing service which offers services at a much lower cost than manufacturers. It repairs almost all phones built by Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony and Nokia and offers repairs for a variety of defects like the front screen, speakers, antenna, cameras, battery and software.

How to protect your smartphone screen from damage?

One way of protection your smartphone's screen is to use Crystalusion drops instead of plastic screen protectors. The Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection is a nano-scale coating over the glass surface of a smartphone which offers protection from oil, moisture, dirt, bacteria and gives the surface unequalled abrasion resistance.

Dropped phones land on their screens & cats on their feet, now science has the answer

Any smartphone screen infused with Crystalusion is easier to clean and gives antimicrobial protection compared to an unprotected surface.

You can also choose Tech21 Impact Shield Screen Protector with Anti-Glare for your smartphone's screen. The screen protector absorbs and disperses potentially dangerous impact force away from your smartphone and its hard top layer spreads the impact over a wider surface area, preventing cracking or shattering of the screen in the process.

The protector also comes with an anti-glare surface which scatters incoming light and lets you read, text or play in your smartphone under direct sunlight.

The STK Tempered Glass Glaze Screen Protector is also another great tool to protect your smartphone's glass screen. It is just 0.4mm thick and can be easily applied over a screen without creating any bubbles. Boasting a hardness rating of 9H, it features a special coating which resists oily residue and an anti-shatter feature which prevents the glass from shattering or getting chipped at the edges.

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