Amazon's online payment system will let you wink and pay!

Amazon has won a patent for a new payment system that will let you make online payments by looking at your phone and blinking your right eye.

The new process aims at overcoming a flaw that lets people fool facial recognition systems by using hi-res photos. However, we aren't sure if the new system is video-proof!

The new technology, termed 'Image analysis for user authentication', involves a server which confirms users' faces as well as if they are alive before authorizing any payment. It was filed last year in the United States and was approved only recently.

Microsoft to add biometric logins to the upcoming Windows 10 OS

"A transaction is authorised using a process that prompts the user to perform an action in view of a camera or sensor. The process identifies the user and verifies that the user requesting the transaction is a living human being. The user is identified using image information which is processed utilising facial recognition. The device verifies that the image information corresponds to a living human using one or more human-verification processes," says the patent.

The news comes soon after Apple acquired Emotient, a company using a facial-recognition technology that can read your emotions. This paves the way for the Cupertino giant to install the technology in its future devices which can enable you to use facial expressions like happy ones, sad ones or funny ones as passwords.

Apple acquires technology that uses facial recognition to read your emotions

MasterCard is also working on a new biometric technology named ID Check which, a few months down, will let you to make payments at stores just by clicking your selfie!

The technology will enable MasterCard to link an image of your face with your account so that the facial recognition software will realise it's you before clearing a payment. MasterCard claims that the new technology is more secure than password-based authentication processes.

You will be able to make MasterCard payments through selfies soon!

Microsoft has also confirmed that it will incorporate a new biometric feature called Fast Identification Online (FIDO) to enable devices with Windows 10 to work with third party biometric readers as well as allow hardware makers to add additional security features if required. The software will ensure users won't have to remember multiple usernames and passwords while working on their Windows 10 devices.

ZTE launched its new Grand S3 smartphone at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which features an unique eye-based biometric solution from EyeVerify. The patented technology, named Eyeprint ID™, allows the device to unlock itself by imaging unique vein patterns in the user's eye through the front camera, thereby simplifying and strengthening the phone's security and level of privacy.

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