5 things we definitely (maybe) know about upcoming iPhone 7

It has only been six months since iPhone 6s hit the streets and we are already talking about the iPhone 7 which certainly won't show up until September.

However, a series of leaks and rumours have already emerged about the next iPhone and there are certainly a few surprises. Here's a list:

OLED displays

The rumour that iPhone 7 will sport an OLED display was the first to surface before being joined in by several others. OLED displays are usually thinner, brighter and offer better picture quality than liquid crystal displays, so the fact that an iPhone will finally sport a premium display was quickly embraced by fans.

Apple's secret development labs in Taiwan working on thinner, brighter iPhone display

As per rumour chains, Apple is planning to procure OLED displays in large numbers from Samsung and LG until it perfects its own OLED technology. The Cupertino giant has opened discreet laboratories in Taiwan which  house a number of engineers who previously worked for firms like AU Optronics and Qualcomm. These laboratories have been set up specifically to create future iPhone displays that will be thinner yet brighter and sharper than the existing ones, said Bloomberg.

In anticipation of large contracts from Apple, LG Display and Samsung Display have reportedly put together $12.8 billion to boost their OLED production capacities over the next couple of years. Apple sells over 200 million iPhones every year and unless a company has the capability to mass-produce the displays, they will not be able to claim a share of the pie.

End of the 3.5mm headphone jack?

A Japanese blog named Macotakara opened the can of worms by stating that Apple is doing away with the 3.5mm headphone jack and will offer new Lightening connectors for listening to music or making hands-free conversations.

Your next iPhone may not feature a headphone jack

The report suggests that suggest that by removing the 3.5mm jack, Apple will be able to reduce the thickness of the next iPhone by 'more than 1mm,' with screen shape and radius remaining the same.

This rumour was lent further credence by the emergence of a story about Intel baking in their feted 7360 LTE modem chip into the iPhone 7 alongside Qualcomm's chip. According to 9to5Mac, headphone manufacturers will need to  "include either Lightening cables or 3.5mm to Lightening adapters with their headphones. Bluetooth headphone makers will have no such issues."

A 7-day battery life!

UK-based fuel-cell maker Intelligent Energy claimed in February that it will bring in a battery that will keep smartphones alive for an entire week. The battery will generate enerty using oxygen and hydrogen.

As per the Daily Mail, the firm has been hands in glove with Apple on the project. "Fuel cell experts Intelligent Energy announced a tiny prototype hydrogen-powered fuel cell for the iPhone 6, which it said keeps the power-hungry handset running for a week without recharging.

The next smartphone to sport a 7-day battery life could be an iPhone!

At the time, rumours suggested Intelligent Energy was working with Apple to develop future models," said the daily.

As reported by Bloomberg, a major phone maker is currently funding Intelligent Energy's new technology to the tune of $7.6 million. Back in 2014, the Daily Mail also reported that Intelligent Energy was working with Apple to develop new fuel cell technologies to power future iPads and MacBooks. Intelligent Energy also partnered with an “international electronics company” to purchase patents related to a practical application of fuel cell. As per Digital Trends, that partner company was Apple.

If Intelligent Energy can make the technology operational by the middle of the year, it would be no surprise if iPhone 7 comes with a week-long battery life.

Wireless Charging!

When it just seemed that Android phones were running away with the trophies in terms of wireless charging, news arrived that Apple was also planning to launch the concept with a future iphone.

Apple finally talks SD cards, but only for Apple Music's Android users

As per Bloomberg, the wireless charging technologies being developed by Apple will let you charge your iPhone without having to resort to charging mats. This means that you'll be able to charge your iPhone just like you use Hotspot to browse the internet using different devices placed away from each other.

However, the Cupertino giant will need to overcome a few challenges like loss of power over distance. The Bloomberg report also adds that Apple is still assessing the decision to implement the technology given the hurdles it needs to meet in the process.

Panic mode!

As per ever-accurate KGI Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple has won a patent on a 'panic mode' which will make an iPhone to shut itself down and go into an emergency setting if the owner is in danger.

Placing a specific finger on the iPhone's fingerprint sensor will activate this mode, said the patent. The emergency setting will turn on the camera and microphone and may also send the iPhone's location to authorities. It is possible that Apple may add this feature in the iPhone 7 which will be released in September next year.

Apple's 4-inch iPhone 5se may curb faltering iPhone 6s sales

Ming-Chi Kuo revealed this at the same time when he first disclosed that Apple will be launching another 4-inch iPhone in 2016, which ultimately turned out to be true.

Larger cameras!

9to5Mac got hold of images of a purported iPhone 7 chassis which reveals the absence of a hole for the 3.5mm jack as well a larger hole for the rear cam compared to the one in iPhone 6s.

The website adds that only the iPhone 7 Pro will feature dual-rear-cameras and that "iPhone 7 rear camera will be flush with the body, not protruding like current iPhone generation."

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