Galaxy S7 teardown reveals facts you won't be happy about

Samsung's Galaxy S7 looks more like a clone of the Galaxy S6, except that Samsung has done some work on the inner beauty and applied a few touch ups to ensure that the phone can walk the ramp with the likes of G5, V10 and iPhone 6s.

iFixit did a teardown of the Galaxy S7 to see what's inside and came up with facts that are must-reads if the Galaxy S7 is on your yearly wish list, or if you're just interested.

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Smartphones are such tiny things, that in order to bring in a new feature, something else has to give. As per iFixit, Samsung has decided to attach the OLED display directly to the mid-frame to boost the Galaxy S7's water-proofing prowess, rather than following the standard procedure of sticking the display to an assembly secured with screws.

If, God forbid, your Galaxy S7 develops technical issues and needs repairing, you will need to perform a risky operation of removing the OLED screen, which means repairing the display, digitizer, microphone, USB port and soft LED buttons will be quite difficult.

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"Freeing the daughterboard means removing (and probably breaking) the OLED screen, preventing easy replacement of all the things: the display and digitizer, USB port, microphone and soft button LEDs. All in all, the S-series continues Samsung’s downward trajectory in reparability with a less than stellar score of 3/10," says iFixit.

To mess things further, Samsung claim to have introduced a new liquid cooling feature through a phone-based heat pipe, aka iPhone 6. As per iFixit, the heat pipe is miniscule and the liquid isn't there at all.

"Actually, it's a teeny heat pipe with less than half a gram of material, measuring less than half a millimetre thick. This may not be as revolutionary as Samsung describes it, but most heat pipes do technically use liquid to transfer heat. In the case of the S7, we're guessing that the pipe transfers heat to the phone's metal midframe, where it can then radiate out to the side—or directly into your hands," says the firm.

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IFixit gave the Galaxy S7 just 3/10 in terms of reparability. It found that replacing the glass without destroying the display is impossible, and thanks to the presence of adhesives, gaining an entry into the phone's underbelly to get things repaired or replaced is difficult too.

IFixit's damning verdict is the second of its kind in as many days for Galaxy S7. Thanks to an AnTuTu benchmark rating yesterday, it came to light that Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 processor offers 32% better graphics performance than Samsung's Exynos 8890 processor which will power Galaxy S7 handsets sold in the UK.

In terms of graphics performance, Snapdragon 820 chip scored 55098 while the Exynos 8890 finished at a meagre 37545 and it even trailed Apple's A9 chip.


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