Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 DLC: Awakening

One of the most disappointing times in a gamer’s life was when the game of the year that everyone loved so much became boring. You would have spent months completing it and now what? Well, now we have DLC (Downloadable Content), which always seem to get released when the world has tired of the original title. I don’t often bother with DLC - but as a die hard Call of Duty fan I couldn’t resist buying the season pass for Treyarch’s Black Ops 3 and guaranteeing myself any future DLC packs.

Released at the start of February was Awakening - a series of new maps for multiplayer and Zombies. Let’s be honest, most people will play any Call of Duty game for the multiplayer. Everyone wants to prestige to the top, everyone wants a gold gun to show off how good they are at getting 100 headshots in five seconds, and everyone wants to have the best avatar (some will even genuinely spend days creating a life-like portrait of Angelina Jolie). I am one of those people and whilst it’s refreshing to get new maps, finding your way around when others already know it is far from fun.

Thankfully, one of the maps (titled ‘Skyjacked’) is a reimagined version of ‘Hijacked’ from Black Ops 2, but set in the sky (see what they did there). The familiarity of it is comforting and the new design really brings out the improvement in graphics. The small size of the map gives it the same scream-at-the-TV-and-throw-your-controller experience as other maps such as the infamous ‘Nuketown' as it’s not unheard of to spawn right in front of an enemy. However they’re much quicker games than the larger maps and you’ll learn your way round in no time.

On the flip side, Awakening has also given us one of the biggest (and definitely brightest) maps ever in ‘Splash’; an enormous water park filled with slides and dazzlingly colourful tunnels. The juxtaposition of seeing such a beautiful location where the sun is beaming, mixed with a group of soldiers blowing each other’s heads off is slightly disturbing, however.

The new maps are definitely a great addition to what was already a brilliant game and if you’re not too hot on your standard multiplayer then the ‘Der Eisendrach’ Zombies map will give you a creepy and intriguing experience as you continue to uncover the many easter eggs and mysteries hidden within.


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