Netflix will let you save up on mobile data while you stream

Netflix has finally figured out a way to let you stream and save some money on data charges at the same time.

If you're among those who use their mobile data to enjoy Netflix, you won't have to worry about exceeding your data limit anymore, thanks to Netflix' new data saver feature.

The upcoming data saver button in the Netflix app will limit bitrate during streaming to let you avoid high data charges. However, this also means that if you choose this option, you'll have to settle for a 720p resolution even if videos in Full HD 1080p resolution are available.

Netflix begins shutting down subscriptions that bypass regional restrictions

Despite the compromise in resolution, the battery saver is great for those who make do with 1GB or 2GB of data every month. This way, you will be able to catch a quick movie while on the road or a couple of episodes before you sleep.

You won't have to worry much about this feature if you are a Vodafone Red bundle subscriber. For example, a £20 SIM-only Red Value subscriber can now consume up to 20GB of 4G data and gets free access to Netflix for 12 months too! This bundle initially cost £40 but is now being promoted at half the price. The bundle also brings unlimited minutes and texts with it.

Would you get Vodafone's broadband? There's free Netflix for a year

Vodafone has also introduced a new 76 Mbps fixed broadband and a year of free Netflix to go with it anywhere in the country. Using the new plug-and-play Vodafone router, you will be able to consume unlimited data at blistering speed.

Through the mobile app, you will be able to tweak your Wi-Fi signals to either favour a particular gadget or use Beamforming technology to make Wi-Fi signals reach every compatible device in your home. Another great feature is that the app will let you set maximum limits for each device to ration the available data and you will also be able to offer Wi-Fi access to visitors through the 'Guest Wi-Fi' setting.

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