MWC 2016: And the best smartwatches were..

While the likes of Samsung, LG, Sony and Pebble weren't around when we went looking for smartwatches at Mobile World Congress, we still came across a few that were as pretty as they were capable.

Here's a list of some smartwatches that debuted at MWC and what they're all about.

GUESS Connect

Designed by Martian Watches, two new GUESS Connect smartwatches made their appearance at MWC and immediately we decided to rate them the best of the lot.

The two new styles have been designed to suit men and women with 45mm and 41mm cases respectively. The one for the ladies comes in a combination of silver and sky blue colours. The ring of the watch face is sprayed with sky blue crystals on a silver case and there's also a textured genuine leather sky blue band.

The larger 45mm GUESS Connect for men will come in a combination of sporty black and silver colours along with a silicon strap.

Both watches feature a microphone with speakers which let you give voice commands and respond to texts as well as e-mails. You can also set different alert tones for different kinds of notifications.

Garmin Vivoactive HR

Garmin's Vivoactive HR is the best smartwatch from the Vivo line of wearables. Offering up to 13 hours of battery life using GPS, it comes with a variety of sensors and built-in apps for running, golfing, cycling, swimming and Paddle Boarding.

ViveoActive HR also works like a fitness tracker and calculates steps, distance, calories and runs activity timers. As an extension to your iPhone, the watch offers smart notifications, music player controls, find my phone app and a range of other apps via the Connect IQ™ online store.

Featuring a sporty look, it can also operate as a simple watch and offers up to 8 days of battery life in that mode.

ZTE Axon Watch

Featuring a 1.4-inch sapphire screen with an IP67 rating, ZTE Axon Watch will easily pass off as a regular watch unless you decide to pause and take a look at its specs.

The Watch comes with a 300 mAh battery, 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB storage and Bluetooth connectivity. It runs a not-so-well-known Tencent OS but you can make it do some of your stuff through voice commands.

Axon Watch lets you make calls, send texts and also interact with your friends via WeChat and QQ. It was first unveiled in July of last year but has gone through some major modifications since then.

Haier Watch

Featuring a lovely round face with a choice of dials, Haier Watch comes with a 1.4-inch display that fits in a 42mm stainless steel frame in gold, black and silver colour options.

The watch also sports a microphone for taking calls, Bluetooth connectivity, 8GB of storage and fitness tracking abilities like calculating steps and measuring distance covered.

However, if you are looking forward to owning one, be aware that it neither supports Wi-Fi connectivity nor NFC support which means you'll need to look elsewhere if you love making contactless payments.

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