MWC 2016: Best phone features were..

This year's Mobile World Congress will be known for the brilliant features that came with smartphones, tablets and connected devices which offer almost every functionality that you need to stay connected wherever you are.

We picked up some features that are entirely new and which came with unique specifications that no other manufacturer offered.

LG replaceable camera module

The replaceable camera module which serves as one of G5's 'Friends' doesn't come as a free addition but as an accessory to the G5. You can go for if you are passionate about photography and want to get the most out of your phone camera.

Called the LG Cam Plus, the module comes with a hand grip to let you take one-handed photos, its own 1,200 mAh battery which combines with the phone's 2,800 mAh battery to stay alive if you're out for a long shoot. The Cam Plus also features buttons like one for switching the camera on or off, a shutter button, a Record button and a zoom dial.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge display

Yet another great attraction at MWC was the brilliant display of Samsung's brand new Galaxy S7 Edge phablet. Samsung used a 3D glass which it melted using a process called 3D Thermoforming to make it curve and blend into the phone's metal alloy.

The display packs a Quad HD resolution of 2560 X 1440p and a pixel density of 534 ppi. The resolution is the same as in the Galaxy S6 Edge but is still among the best among contemporary phablets.

Apart from the main display, Galaxy S7 Edge also features an Always-On display which shows you the date and time, important notifications as well as missed call alerts.

Huawei MateBook fingerprint sensor

Even though fingerprint sensors are beginning to make their presence felt in the latest smartphones and tablets, Huawei claims that its 12-inch MateBook comes with a fingerprint recognition technology which is the fastest in the industry.

The technology is based on 360-degree sensitive identification for fewer authentication failures and a single touch of your finger can unlock the tablet's display in no time.

Wiko Fever glow in the dark feature

Wiko's 5.2-inch Fever has a functionality which makes the phone unique from all other phones that launched at MWC. The phone can glow by itself in the dark which makes it rather easy to find even if you don't have any torch handy.

The matte plastic strip of the fever's deck is surrounded by two phosphorescent plastic strips which glow in the dark. Even though the glow isn't terribly bright, the strips are thick enough to make you aware of their presence in the dark.

Sony Xperia XA Fast Auto Detection and Camera

Sony's Xperia XA comes with a camera that is made to capture those quick moments which are often lost while you are busy focussing your camera or in the time lag between pressing the click button and when the photo is actually captured.

Xperia XA's camera will let you capture photos with great speed and accuracy thanks to its Hybrid Autofocus mode which also ensure that your quick snaps are absolutely blur-free as well. The camera also comes with a wide focal coverage which means you can touch anywhere on the screen to let the camera focus on that point in double quick time.

Doro Liberto 8030 Connect and Care app

Doro has often been at the forefront when it comes to offering easy-to-use phones for the elderly with easy viewing, hearing and emergency features, and it has gotten even better this time.

Doro's latest Liberto 8030 features the company's Connect and care app which serves as an essential survival tool for the elderly. The app needs to be installed in the phone of an elderly as well as in the phones of near and dear ones who can be around to help if any situation arises. Users can ask for assistance through the app and the companion apps in other phones can relay the message quickly for near and dear ones to respond and 'Take Charge' of the situation.

The phone also comes with an Assistance button below the rear camera which can be pressed when the user is in dire need of urgent help and cannot function on his/her own. Once pressed, the button will relay an alert to other phones via the app and let them respond as soon as possible.

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