MWC 2016: And the best gadgets were..

Even though Mobile World Congress retains its name, the conversation has long moved from just smartphones to a much wider world which includes connected gadgets and standalone ones that have the potential to change the way we work and live.

This year, the dominating theme of connected gadgets turned out to be VR devices and 360-degree cameras which we didn't see much of either in the 2015 version of Mobile World Congress or at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Here's a description of the best gadgets that appeared at Mobile World Congress this week and why they signal a permanent shift to the way we view and use gadgets in our daily lives.

HTC Vive

Unlike the Vive that we debuted last year, the one we saw this week is a real head-turner. Dubbed as the final consumer version, Vive features wireless controllers, a front camera and a redesigned head strap and offers a bright display, haptic feedback and greater stability and balance.

Costing around £555, the Vive VR system comes with two wireless VR controllers, room scale movement sensors, an HMD featuring a built in camera and phone and the two VR titles.

Along with the VR system, HTC will also supply new VR experiences like Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives by Owlchemy Labs and Fantastic Contraption by Northway Games in collaboration with Radial Games to let the world of VR sink in by the time they launch more experiences based on fields like entertainment, retail, education, design, healthcare and automotive.

Samsung Gear 360 VR

A 360-degree take on the highly-popular Gear VR, Gear 360 VR is a cute little device that lets you shoot 360-degree videos in resolutions of 3840 x 1920p and also take images in 30MP resolution which no smartphone currently offers.

When synced with Samsung's Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, Gear 360 VR will let you record and preview content at the same time. It will also "automatically bring up filmed content for users to view and save on their smartphone or to upload and share directly through social channels including Google Street View."

Gear 360 VR contains two 15MP cameras which work together to offer hi-res 360-degree images.

LG Rolling Bot

Shaped very much like the Gear 360 VR, LG's new Rolling Bot is a white ball-like gadget that you can set rolling around the house and let it take 8MP pictures as it rolls.


Rolling Bot can even shoot videos and if you're away, you can still view the videos it captures on your G5 through Wi-Fi and get to see what your pets are up to or if there's any uninvited guest in there.

If you want to keep your pets away from anything that breaks while you're away, Rolling Bot can also beam laser pointers and catch your pets' attention for as long as you want it to.

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