MWC 2016: Acer Jade Primo hands-on

Acer have launched a host of smartphones at MWC this year, but the one that caught our eye the most is the Acer Jade Primo, which has been created with the discerning business user in mind.

Look and feel

 The 5.5-inch screen is a full HD one with a 1080X1920  resolution. The display is Amoled so the playback on media is incredibly crystal and lucid. The phone is of plastic construction and this has helped bring down the weight of the product and even with the phablet sizing, the Jade Primo weighs less than 150grams. With a metal rim running across the edges, the Primo is also incredibly thin with a 8.4.. depth.

Processor, memory and connectivity

The Jade Primo runs Windows 10 out of the box and it takes full advantage of the Continuum feature on there. In the UK, the phone is sold with a docking station so if you are on your way into work, once you get there, ou only need to dock the device and connect it to a screen to be able to use the desktop screen as your phone screen and work off it. Durning our demo, it worked absolutely seamlessly, there are two ways you can connect the accessories to the phone to use it as your desktop- either utilising the wifi on the phone or using a wired connection in conjunction with the docking station

The Jade primo has 3GB RAM, 32GB internal memory and is an LTE cat 6 so you are guaranteed a high speed internet connection that will not be hampered by your device's abilities.

The processor on it is a hexa-core 64-bit one and each of the cores clock in at 1.8GHz. When we used it during MWC in Barcelona, it worked without stutter or lag but the proof of the pudding will be when we use it over an extended period of time during our in-depth review.


The Jade primo has a 21-MP primary camera and an 8-MP front-facing one. You will not find the kind of smarts on here as you would on an LG G5 but it will suffice for day-to-day use.

Early Verdict

Acer's decision to go with Windows 10 is a very good one especially because Continuum was made for the business user who is always at work, in the office and during their commute.

While the ecosystem for Windows smartphones is shrinking, it is a smart device with handsome features and specs. We will bring you further details when we review the handset in depth in the coming months.

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