Three will soon block online adverts on its network, but some may still get through

UK Network Three will soon start blocking online advertising on its networks across Europe, thanks to a tie-up with Israeli firm Shine and thereby becoming the first to do so.

Three is expected to make an announcement in this regard at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which will kick off on Sunday

EE confirms it might bring in mobile ad blocking services soon

Shine has also worked with Caribbean operator Digicel which has been blocking online advertising on its network since last year. However, there are allegations that if advertisers pay a certain price, they are allowed to run advertisements on the network.

Three will not start blocking online adverts on its network all of a sudden but will run trials of the new technology on select customers for a few months. Li Ka-shing, the owner of Hutchison which in turn owns Three, is also one of the investors in Shine. As per IB Times, Three may start blocking online advertising in its UK and Italian networks to begin with.

Samsung's default web browser will now let you block ads!

In the UK, mobile advertisers are set to lose as many as nine million customers if Three goes through with the decision. However, it is believed that Three may charge advertisers for the data consumed by their advertisements.

Back in November, Olaf Swantee, CEO of EE, confirmed that EE might offer ad blocking services on its network very soon. As per him, EE wasn't against all forms of advertising but those that are "intrusive or crass" which can "drive people insane."

Disgusted with ads on your smartphone? Apple will sort it for you

Samsung has also introduced ad blocking extensions to the default web browser in its Android phones, not too long after Apple's iOS 9 introduced a similar feature to the Safari web browser.

To be made available for users of Samsung phones running Android Lollipop OS, the latest version of Samsung's default web browser will run blocking extensions like Adblock Fast and Crystal Adblock, with more such extensions joining ranks in the days to come.

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