LG teases its upcoming G5 with Quick Cover launch

If you had any doubts left about LG launching the much-rumoured G5, LG is going all out to make sure that you don't. The Korean giant has now launched a new Quick Cover case that will fit only the G5.

LG Quick Cover isn't just about revealing the existence of the G5. The case will let you use is touch function through which you will be able to take calls and set alarms without opening it.

LG may launch the G5 next month

Thanks to the Quick Cover case, we now know that G5 will sport an Always-on display just like the celebrated LG V10 does. The case will let you view the upcoming phone's Always-on display without opening its cover and view call alerts, date and time, e-mail notifications and Twitter alerts.

In terms of looks, LG has given the Quick Cover case a glossy metallic finish to let your G5 look premium and exclusive. The cover is smooth as well and you won't get any scratches from it for sure.

As of now, the metallic finish is the only colour that the Quick Cover case will launch in. If you need a preview, the case will be displayed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 22-25. As per reports, the G5 launch will also take place at the same event.

Brace for two new flagship phones from LG this year!

As per available leaks and rumours, the upcoming G5 will sport a fingerprint sensor and a metal unibody. As per a leak on Chinese social network Weibo, the G5 will rock a 21MP camera with an Iris scanner (which will also be used as a mode of biometric authentication), a 5.6-inch Quad HD display as well as a Snapdragon 820 processor.

If LG can build on the design and capabilities of the V10 to perfect the upcoming G5, it will surely give the likes of Apple and Samsung a run for their money.

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