EE is still the best bet when it comes to network performance and speed

EE is still the best bet when it comes to overall mobile network performance, Network Speed, Mobile Internet and call and text performance.

Even though EE offers you the fastest mobile internet speeds, the clearest voice calls and quick texts, it turned out to be not that consistent, losing out to Three when it came to network reliability in the second half of 2015, except in Northern Ireland.

Just like EE but not as spectacular, O2 also improved its rankings in several indices but fell short in terms of reliability. While it finished second in call and text parameters, it finished last when it came to overall performance.

EE apparently most glitch-free network, says RootMetrics

Vodafone also returned empty-handed, finishing in second place in terms of network speed but a not-so-promising third place in overall rankings.

If you're an urban smartphone user, there's no question that EE will be the dream network operator to turn to. However, if you live in the countryside or travel often, Three will be the most reliable one.

The RootMetrics survey was conducted on metrics like Overall Performance, Network Reliability, Network Speed, Mobile Internet, Call, and Text in the second half of the year. EE scored an impressive 88.1 out of 100 in overall ratings. Three followed a bit behind at 84.5 while Vodafone and O2 huffed and puffed to the finish line with 78.6 and 76.6 respectively.

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Vodafone and O2 offered better overall performance than in the first half of 2015 when they scored 74.5 and 72.7 respectively. However, EE's overall score came down from 89.4 to 88.1 in the same period, which means that the gulf between E and the bottom performance isn't as much as it was in the first half of 2015.

EE continues to provide the best mobile performance across the UK, but we’re seeing some of the other operators making good improvements across all the different ways we use our mobile phones. Choosing the mobile operator that’s right for you is not one-size-fits-all. While some people care most about fast mobile internet so they can watch videos or download music without delay, others just want to know that they can reliably make a call or send a text. Consumers can use this report to make informed decisions based on where they live and how they tend to use their phone,” said Scott Stonham, RootMetrics General Manager of Europe.

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In terms of country-wise performance, EE did a clean sweep on network speed in England, N. Ireland, Scotland and Wales. On overall performance, it lost out to Three in Wales but won in the other nations. Wales turned out to be EE's Achilles heel where the operator turned up with disappointing scores like 64.3 on network speed, 76.2 on calls and 72.4 on overall performance.

In terms of network speed, EE recorded the strongest victory with a 9-point gap with Vodafone which came second in UK-wide rankings. In terms of overall network reliability, it lost out to Three narrowly with just 1.6-point difference between the two.

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