Huawei Honor 5X: Top 5 features

Honor 5X is the latest handset from the Chinese manufacturer to get a European launch, this follows the resounding success of the Honor 7 which came to the UK in Autumn 2015. With the tag line 'no nonsense', they are aiming to deliver a premium handset, at an incredible price.

And it is incredible indeed because the Honor 5X is available for £189.99.

This is basically a poor man’s Nexus 6P which was also manufactured by Huawei of which Honor is a sub-brand. We have been using the phone for some time and here’s what’s great about the phone and what’s not…

Huawei Honor 5X camera

Surprisingly good is how I would put it, the primary camera is 13MP with a F2.0 aperture. And it comes with the usual range of filters and features that we have come to expect from Huawei, I mean Honor… The good food mode takes super-macro shots, so perfect for pictures of flowers and food for the instagrammers out there and the ‘perfect selfie’ mode lets you crank up the levels to 10 so all blemishes are smoothened out to make you look as etherial as possible. Sadly, Optical Image Stabilisation has been left out and thats one of the main gripes I have with the phone but the 88-degree angle on the 5-MP front-facing camera almost makes up for it.

Fingerprint sensor on the Honor 5X

So the Nexus 6P has a one tap mode which lets you unlock and open specific apps using specific fingerprints and this feature has been replicated on the 5X. You can also unlock the phone in about half a second… By just touching your finger tips to the sensor, you are able to not just unlock the phone but also launch apps, scroll through pages and take photos.

Dual-SIM and SD cards smarts on the Honor 5X

The Honor 5X has a mere 2GB RAM and 16-GB internal memory. There isn't much you can do about the low memory, but the expandable SD card almost makes up for it. Huawei say that Android Marshmallow is coming soon to their devices, but until you are able to use SD card memory as the phone’s native memory, you will only be able to store your photos, movies and videos on it. Also great is the fact that the 5X has dual-SIM capabilities, and this is without infringing on the SD card slot. So you can continue to use the 128GB memory card when you go on holiday and use two SIM cards.  

Huawei Honor 5X display

The Honor 5X has a 5.5-inch display surrounded by barely there bezels. The screen is a laminated IPS LCD one with a 1080 p resolution which puts it in the same league as your standard HD tv. While the aluminium alloy gives it a super premium look, the display is also guaranteed to take no prints because it comes with an oleophobic coating which basically stops the screen from getting grimy if you have been eating chips and scrolling through your Facebook timeline.

Early Verdict on the Honor 5X

For £189, Honor 5X packs some of the best features that you could have only owned had you bought the reigning Android supremo, Google’s Nexus 6P. A very good build quality with some excellent add-ons, you are inclined to forget that the Honor 5X still runs an older version of Android and has a tiny amount of internal memory with a smallish RAM. However, it is a great handset and one that we would thoroughly recommend.

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