Samsung's default web browser will now let you block ads!

Samsung has introduced ad blocking extensions to the default web browser in its Android phones, not too long after Apple's iOS 9 introduced a similar feature to the Safari web browser.

Samsung's new move means that you won't have to suffer intrusive online ads and will be able to browse in peace. The ad blockers won't be built in but will come as extensions to the default web browser.

To be made available for users of Samsung phones running Android Lollipop OS, the latest version of Samsung's default web browser will run blocking extensions like Adblock Fast and Crystal Adblock, with more such extensions joining ranks in the days to come.

The Crystal Adblock app is already available for iOS 9 devices. It can not only block ads but can also increase the speed at which websites load by as much as four times, thus saving both time as well as cellular data consumption.

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The new concept of ad blocking will only target ads that are considered intrusive and unacceptable for users. For example, if an ad pops up on your phone that covers an entire article that you wanted to read and are unable to do so, the ad will be considered intrusive. Even if advertisers resort to designing ads that are deemed' acceptable,' we aren't sure if you will be happy about them either.

Advertisements have turned out to be such a bane of internet usage that one in every five British adults online make use of ad-blocking software, as per research data published by Internet Advertising Bureau UK in November. The percentage of users resorting to ad-blocking software rose from just 3 per cent in June to 18 per cent in November.

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To capitalize on such abhorrence towards ads, many streaming apps and social media apps are offering paid subscriptions and promise not to run any advertisements in return.

"Among those currently using ad blocking software, 71% are doing so on laptops, 47% on desktop PCs. Just under a quarter (23%) are blocking ads on mobiles and less than one in five (19%) on tablets," said the report.

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