Three hikes All You Can Eat tariff, users quit to #makeitright

Three has discontinued its popular £17 all-you-can-eat monthly plan for calls and data, asking customers to either opt out or be moved to a new £30 tariff starting next month.

Even though Three stopped offering the £17 tariff plan to new customers since 2014, hundreds of thousands of existing users still make good use of the plan. Naturally, the news didn't seem right to them, so they took to Twitter to let Three know that they're going to #makeitright by switching to another network.

Three offers SIM deals starting at £4 per month on its biggest SIM sale ever

Three's #makeitright campaign is aimed at reducing bill shock, promoting reasonable pricing and offering more for less, which it used to good effect during its largest-ever SIM sale during Christmas which let you buy new SIMs and pay just half the monthly cost for the first three months of your contract. Three also popularised #makeitright when it offered free Deezer Premium+ subscription for six months in November.

We asked Three what it thought about discontinuing the £17 a month contract and letting users know that they'll be moved to a £30 a month deal after thirty days.

"In March 2014, we introduced new price plans giving customers more options in the size of their data and voice bundles, as well as limits and alerts to prevent bill shock. We have a lot of tariffs that we no longer sell and moving customers to one of the new plans will ensure they can enjoy the benefits of these plans,”said Three.

While existing users of Three's £17 a month legacy contract have hit the streets in protest, a majority of them are questioning the point behind almost doubling the monthly price. Here's a few of them:




Three may have its own reasons to increase the monthly pricing though. Ben Wood from CCS Insight told the BBC that unlimited data plans are nearing their end thanks to an exponential rise in data usage by consumers.

Tired of your network? Heard of Anywhere SIM, Freedom Pop, BT Mobile or Rok Mobile?

"The networks are seeing huge growth in data consumption as people watch more video content at ever-higher resolutions on their smartphones. At some point certain all-you-can-eat tariffs become uneconomical," he said.

Back in October, network operators hiked access charges to service numbers like 084, 087, 09 and 118 after Ofcom unveiled a new policy which required access charges and service charges to be shown separately in bills. Starting November 3, Three increased access charges by as much as 80 per cent, thanks to which making a call to a service number now costs as much as 45p per minute.

Now pay more for calls to 118 numbers as networks hike access charges

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  1. Guest
    Guest23rd Feb 2016

    I've just managed to negotiate all you can eat data and mins with 12gb tether on sim only for £20pm. I was offered that deal for £17 and still turne...

  2. Guest
    Guest15th Feb 2016

    Interesting... I have three accounts with Three, all on old One Plans, all pass their minimum contract periods. Two are IPhones which are over £40 a m...

  3. Guest
    Guest14th Feb 2016

    I'm going to get giff gaff top up, their network works better in P'borough. I was about three years with three, but now it really sucks. Just intend t...

  4. Guest
    Guest5th Feb 2016

    Your are wrong about this tariff only being available until 2014. I signed up to this tariff less than 6 months ago ...

  5. Guest
    Guest5th Feb 2016

    that really sucks, been a customer for last 4 years, now I'll just leave them, cause Three really sucks

  6. Guest
    Guest2nd Feb 2016

    I've just managed to negotiate all you can eat data and mins with 12gb tether on sim only for £20pm. Took over an hour with two retention calls from t...

  7. Guest
    Guest1st Feb 2016

    brilliant NOT , ive just moved over to that tarriff , & i am not paying £30 , so they're going to lose alot of customers ,

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