This default setting on Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile can eat up your entire cellular data

If you've been fortunate enough to use Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile either through the latest Lumia phones or via the Windows Insider programme, you must have noticed that you end up using more cellular data in a month than you ever have since you started using smartphones.

A default setting in Windows 10 Mobile automatically backs up all your text messages on OneDrive using your cellular data. Unless you turn this setting off, you may lose up to or more than 1GB of data every month!

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Writing for AnandTech, Brett Howse reported that his Windows 10 Mobile OS consumed up to 900MB of cellular data and 2.17GB of Wi-Fi data in just 17 days.

Even if you're using an old Windows phone and are waiting for an upgrade, do make sure you turn the default setting off as soon as you upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile. You can do this by navigating to the main window of the messaging app, hitting on the '...' logo at the bottom right corner and choosing Settings. One you are in the Settings window, turn off Message Sync and this will stop your text messages from being automatically backed up on OneDrive without your permission.

Ideally, backing up texts shouldn't consume too much data but there's a bug inside the settings which eats up too much cellular data for anyone's comfort. Unless Microsoft resolves the said bug, backing up texts could consume a major portion of your monthly cellular data allowance.

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To ensure that your Windows 10 phone won't sip on cellular data while you sleep, you can also turn off other settings that can back up installed apps on OneDrive and use cellular data for installing app updates or software updates.

Thankfully Microsoft is aware of the situation and are working on it. "We have received some customer feedback regarding unexpected mobile data usage and are looking into this,” said a Microsoft spokesperson.

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With Windows 10 Mobile set to be made available for older Lumia devices in the coming days, it is imperative that Microsoft cures all critical bugs as any hopes of the operating system locking horns with the likes of iOS and Android would otherwise be gone forever.

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