Safari crashing on iPhone, iPad and MacBook? This is what you need to do

Apple's Safari browser has been going through rough seas of late, crashing repeatedly across Apple's platforms that include iPhones, iPads and MacBooks.

Thousands of Apple's customer who took to Twitter, Facebook and Reddit to vent their anger on Safari claimed that the browser closed down as soon as they started typing in the address bar.

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If you're such a user and your Safari browser has been hanging up on you of late, here's a list of things you can do to get it corrected:

Disable suggestions

The first thing you should do to prevent Safari from crashing is to turn off search engine suggestions in your device' settings. Every time you type anything on the address bar, Apple's servers detect it and try to predict what you're trying to find. If the bug that's causing the crash is in the servers, turning off suggestions in the settings should correct the issue.

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Get another browser

Yet another way, and probably the quickest way, to avoid suffering persistent Safari crashes is to install a separate browser app until Apple resolves the issue. You can either go for Chrome, Firefox or Opera as a short term option.

Private browsing

You should also try browsing in private mode on Safari to avoid persistent crashes. Once you turn private browsing on, the background of your Safari app will turn black and you'll get to browse in peace.

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