WhatsApp & Facebook to share personal user data; end-to-end encryption a possibility

WhatsApp recently survived a complete ban in the UK and it seems Facebook is determined to make the most of it. The social media giant is now bringing in a slew of new features to ensure that its website and messaging service stay at the top of the curve.

A series of screenshots of a beta version of WhatsApp were leaked by Javier Santos recently. The screenshots showed chat data encryption indicator and a function that'll let you share your account information on WhatsApp with your Facebook one.


The end to end encryption bit is interesting, but we're not really sure if the setting will stand if the Investigatory Powers Bill gets enacted. Until then, we'll be sure that our chat data are being encrypted and free from hackers and snoops.

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As far as sharing details of your WhatsApp account with Facebook is concerned, you'll need to do it only if you want Facebook to relay targeted advertisements on you page based on your likes and dislikes and the companies you follow. Targeted advertisements means a lot for advertisers as it increases the probabilities of getting clicks and ultimately boosts sales. Apart from this factor, sharing your WhatsApp profile information with Facebook won't make any sense.

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The leaks have also revealed that you will also be able to share documents apart from images, videos and audio files on WhatsApp. This feature will surely make WhatsApp a great app not only for social interaction but also at work.

The leaks arrive just a few days after WhatsApp turned completely free for all users across the globe. The popular messaging service will now earn revenue from companies and firms by letting them interact with WhatsApp users and hard-selling their offerings and services.


Image source: Javier Santos via Google Plus

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