Apple unveils new Music Memos app, brings Live Loops to GarageBand

Apple has released Music Memos, a new app that will let you create, organize and develop your own music on your iPhone.

The Cupertino giant also introduced a major update to its GarageBand app which will now feature Live Loops, a feature you'll use to great effect if you love mixing music like a DJ.

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While Voice Memos used to let you record your tunes, lyrics and ideas, the Music Memos app can do more thanks to some musician-friendly features for song writing and creating new tunes. It will record music emanating from any instrument of your choice and you can save them for later use by assigning names or titles to them. This way, you'll be able to build your library of tunes very soon and probably create an entire song out of them.

The Music Memos app can also analyse rhythm and chords of acoustic guitar and piano recordings and can add drums and bass lines to create a nice band out of it. The app can also be shared across iOS platforms so you can access it on any other iPhone or iPad as well and can even play your tunes on GarageBand. With Memos providing basic notation that displays the chords that were played, you can make your song as good as the best ones created by professional artists.

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Music Memos app is free and you can use it if you own an iPhone 4s and later or an iPad 2 or later versions.

The popular GarageBand app now features Live Loops which will let you trigger looped instruments and samples by tapping cells and columns in a highly visual grid. Featuring DJ hardware controllers, Live Loops comes with a library of Apple-designed loop templates in a variety of genres including EDM, Hip Hop, Dubstep and Rock. You can perform loops, create new ones or re-arrange them in any way you want.

GarageBand also added to its stock a new Drummer feature that includes nine EDM and acoustic virtual session drummers that provide their own signature sound. Thanks to new automation features, controls recording and a simple EQ, you will be able to use GarageBand in more ways than before if you need polished, high quality music that you would love listening to every time you pull up the app.

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