Facebook's Android app can now be accessed using Tor!

Facebook has now made it much easier for Tor users to access its Android app, making it accessible through a few modifications rather than requiring a new browser to be downloaded.

Facebook's move seems to be its own way of showing the Vulcan salute to legislations like the Investigatory Powers Bill which allow government snoops to hack through and monitor your social networking accounts and online activities.

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Even though Facebook allowed Tor users to access its website through the Tor browser back in November 2014, the social networking giant now requires such users to download the Orbot app and make some changes in Facebook's Android app settings to begin using it via Tor.

Tor is popularly known as the dark web but still holds a large number of innocent users who use it to access the internet and express their thoughts and opinions. A majority of Tor users come from nations with regressive laws or where the concept of freedom of expression is considered a crime. Tor protects its users with multiple levels of encryption which are almost impossible to breach.

"Everybody in the world need more privacy online and almost everybody is on Facebook. For some people, this is convenience. For others it is lifesaving," said Kate Krauss, a spokeswoman for the Tor Project to the Guardian.

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Rather than using a public profile which can be easily tracked, its better to use an anonymous profile whose encryption keys are not available with the government or its hackers. This way, it'll be easier for you to access Facebook while keeping your privacy secure.

Back in December, Google introduced a new Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tool in Gmail that prevented sensitive and confidential data from getting leaked through email.

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"Every company has data that it must keep secure, whether that data is about confidential innovations, strategic plans or sensitive HR issues, keeping all of your data safe from inadvertent or purposeful leaks needs to be simple, quick and reliable," explained Suzanne Frey, director of security, trust, and privacy at Google to V3.

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