UPDATED: Twitter goes out over web and on mobile

UPDATE: Twitter is now back to being its useful helpful self after suffering a worldwide outage this morning that lasted just over an hour.

Although some users are still affected, the social networking site is working as usual at Mobile Choice towers as of 9:51am UK time.

Our readers have informed us that although their newsfeeds are back up, the holding page is still popping up when navigating around the site.


Twitter has suffered an outage this morning at approximately 8:25am UK time.

The website is unavailable and users were greeted with a holding page while on the Twitter mobile and tablet app, newsfeeds were not being refreshed.

The social networking site has said it is working to resolve the problem but at this point it is thought to be a worldwide issue.

This issue is reminiscent of the good old days when Twitter was still a very new phenomenon and to be greeted by the 'fail whale' screen when trying to log in were commonplace. The micro blogging site has since tried to make itself more robust and with its popularity growing stronger every day, it has done well to make sure these occurences don't happen too often.

Just after 9 am UK time, the site is still down.

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