iOS 9.3 will let you delete native Apple apps!

Apple will, after years of pleas and protests, finally let you delete its native apps that feature permanently on iOS device displays.

The new feature was discovered by Reddit user bfodder who was tinkering around with the beta version of iOS 9.3 which should launch soon. As per the user, the apps that you will soon be able to delete are Stocks, Tips, Find Friends and iBooks which are probably the most unutilized apps in history. Maybe except iBooks.

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However, the process isn't so simple. To be able to get such an option, you'll need to first be part of Apple's Developer Programme which costs £79! Once you do that, you'll need to edit the Configurator programme to make the option available to you. The rights to edit the Configurator programme is only available to businesses and other organizations who need customised devices to suit their work.

Given that it will thus be impossible for a general iPhone user to get hold of the new option to delete native apps, the only hope that still holds out is that Apple may make it available for all users once it launches the final version of iOS 9.3 after the beta testing process is completed.

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As per recent rumours, iOS 9.3 will also launch with a new feature that will let your iPhone or iPad detect when it is night time with the help of the gadget's clock and location and then turn off the blue parts of light emitting from the gadget's display. This way, says Apple, your eyes won't be exposed to bright blue light and you will be able to sleep comfortably.

As per reports, Apple has already handed over the feature to developers for testing and refining along with other features that will launch with iOS 9.3. The Cupertino giant is slated to launch iOS 9.3 in the coming weeks.

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    hope you can remove native apps so much space wasted when you by a new device as there sold per gig ie. 16/32/64 etc it's misleading because you don't...

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