Our Editor champions the consumers' cause in BBC2 documentary!

Mobile Choice Editor, Sunetra Chakravarti is to appear as a judge on a six-part documentary on BBC2, to start airing Tuesday, 19th January onwards at 10pm.

The BBC call the documentary, about mobile phone retailers from across the UK taking part in a competition to hand-pick a sales superstar: 'Highly entertaining six-part, characterful series [that] follows the ups and downs of Britain’s mobile phone sales force as they battle it out in Shop Idol, a prestigious annual industry competition which scours all corners of the UK to find the best mobile phone salesperson in the country.'

The intensely fought out competition sees mobile phone sales people battle it out in front of a panel of three judges, of whom Sunetra forms a integral part.

Sunetra quizzes the hopefuls on their product knowledge- the key to matching consumer requirement and budget to handset. And she tells it like it is when she finds their know-how lacking. And she should know!

With more than 10 years journalistic experience, she is in the know when it comes to latest products, what they do, how they work and what they should be like to give Mobile Choice readers the most independent views and reviews in the industry. 

Mobile Choice magazine has a long history of championing the consumers' cause. Since it started in 1996, the magazine, one of the most respected in the industry has helped educate, inform and entertain everyday readers and consumers with jargon-free in-depth reviews, views and news about mobile devices.

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    Guest8th Mar 2016

    Why is this woman judging others, her communications skills are non-existent!!!

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