Siri can now beatbox and teach you a skill or two!

Siri's been a champion of witty answers, funny quotes and lovely analogies when it comes to digital assistants. But Apple's assistant has more to it than it meets the eye, for Siri can now beatbox as well and knows some tricks to learn more.

So the next time you ask Siri to beatbox for you, this is what it'll say:


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Soon you will be able to tell Siri your best kept secrets

Well, that's not all, for seasoned iPhone users still discover new things that Siri has either picked up or has hidden in its pocket for years. For instance, if you ask Siri what its name means, this is what you get:

It's a riddle wrapped in an enigma, tied with a pretty ribbon of obfuscation.

Or if you ask Siri how much it earns, it says this:

Difficult to say. My native currency is pandimensional.

iOS 9: hidden features, tips and tricks

Back in October, Apple bought VocalIQ, a British 'speech tech AI specialist' for an amount ranging between £33 million to £66 million to improve Siri's communication skills.

VocalIQ aims to let you share natural conversations with speech assistants by developing routines and not limit conversations to mere commands. This way, the virtual assistant will learn from one conversation and will apply the learning to future conversations, getting better and better every day.

“Previous conversations are central to its [the smart dialogue engine] learning process – allowing the system to better understand future requests and in turn, react more intelligently,” says the firm.

Apple Eyes Siri Improvements With UK Tech Firm Acquisition

While it’s difficult to say if VocalIQ has already started upgrading Siri, the digital assistant looks like it will remain the best one for years to come.

When Apple brought in iOS 9, Siri came with some Proactive features to be more contextually aware and to engage in longer conversations. Siri can now engage users in a lot of languages and accents which include British, Australian, French, Norwegian, German, Italian and Spanish.

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