Google's new Android watch app to lure iPhone users

Google is introducing a new Android watch app that will let Android watches synchronise with Apple's iPhones to compete with the Apple Watch.

The new Google app will let you buy Android-powered watches even if you own an iPhone. Android watches come with many advantages like Wi-Fi connectivity, 3G SIM cards, long battery lives and access to tonnes of new apps which the Apple Watch lacks. However, the new app will permit synchronisation with only a few popular apps and this limited functionality would be frustrating at times.

Hate needles? Google's smartwatch will analyse your blood prick-free

In spite of such limitations, Android watches with the new Google app will still let you view directions, e-mail notifications, Facebook updates and fitness information.

Given that Apple may launch the Apple Watch 2 in March with several new designs, variants and truckloads of software and hardware updates, Android smartwatches will need to be very well-dressed with apps and features to even hope to compete. By June last year, Apple sold over 4 million Apple watches where the entire Android smartwatch industry which includes the likes of Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola and Huawei sold just 600,000 watches.

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Back in December, Google filed a patent for a new smartwatch that is able to draw blood from the user's wrist for testing and analysis without the dreaded prick. The blood is drawn through a painless procedure involving micro-particles and does not require needles.

Google is also planning to launch a new health information app in the UK which will be on the lines of Apple's ResearchKit app. Partnering the non-profit Mayo Clinic in the United States, Google aims to provide valuable information on health problems and fitness regimen, stopping short of providing actual medical advice which is a sensitive issue across the pond.

Google to launch health information app in UK soon

Covering over 400 medical conditions including Diabetes and measles, the information kit will include symptoms, treatment, nature of the ailments and more. These will feature in Google's Knowledge Graph- a critical component of Google's instant search results as well as Google's Now personal assistant and app.

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