RIP Motorola, Long Live Moto. Lenovo kills the brand

Chinese technology company Lenovo has decided to put the lid on Motorola as a brand, choosing to stamp its own name on future smartphones.

Motorola isn't just a smartphone brand. It pioneered the concept of mobile phones, flip phones and even the first wafer-thin ones. However, with the advent of iPhones and other smartphones, it lost out in the race before resurfacing with a bang in 2014 with the Moto G.

Even though over 10 million units of the Moto G were sold in 2014, Lenovo has ultimately decided to call it time. However, since Moto is such a popular name in the world of smartphones, Lenovo will continue to run the Moto line for as long as it lasts.

Google sells Motorola to Lenovo

“We’ll slowly phase out Motorola and focus on Moto”, said Motorola chief operating officer Rick Osterloh to CNET.

Along with the Moto line, Lenovo will also sell its Vibe line of low end smartphones from now on. Both smartphone lines will be managed by the Motorola Mobility division which comes under Lenovo. “Motorola Mobility continues to exist as a Lenovo company and is the engineering and design engine for all of our mobile products," said a Lenovo spokesman.

Google buys Motorola handset division

Back in January of 2014, Google sold Motorola to Lenovo for around $2.91 billion, which is a fraction of the $12.5 billion paid by Google in 2011. However, Google retained the vital and valuable patents purchased in that deal, primarily selling the ownership of brand and trademark.

Even though Lenovo's Vibe line of smartphones will target the sub-£100 phone market, the Moto line will probably target the mid-range and premium phone markets in the lines of Moto G and Moto X.

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