Apple protests against Investigatory Powers Bill, says it will weaken data encryption

Apple is now at the forefront of fresh protests against the proposed Investigatory Powers Bill which proposes unprecedented surveillance powers of intelligence agencies to safeguard the country from terrorists and fraudsters.

'We believe it is wrong to weaken security for hundreds of millions of law-abiding customers so that it will also be weaker for the very few who pose a threat,' said Apple.

Apple has been maintaining the fact that additional surveillance powers with the authorities will undermine data encryption and the security of your personal data will thus be compromised. The proposed law seeks to do away with two-end data encryption which is currently being practiced by several large firms who manage customer accounts.

Apple has also said that the proposed law will sanction interference with its products, encourage other nations to bring in similar legislations and even force foreign firms to bypass the laws of their own country.

Earlier, Apple CEO Tim Cook lashed out at the government's plans to weaken encryption in the name of guarding against terrorism.

If you halt or weaken encryption, the people that you hurt are not the folks that want to do bad things. It’s the good people. The other people know where to go," he said in an interview to The Telegraph.

"We believe very strongly in end to end encryption and no back doors. We don’t think people want us to read their messages. We don’t feel we have the right to read their emails,” Cook added.

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    if it saves the life of someone... Yes it is personal - while we are under the gun so to speak - let it be; but fight for the right to terminate the p...

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