Google to launch own messaging app to rival Facebook

Google is working on developing a smart messaging app that will let users chat with each other using their Google accounts and even use artificial intelligence to get their questions answered.

With a large segment of the population owning Google accounts already, the signs are ominous for Facebook whose Messenger app may lose out in the long run.

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As of now, it is not known when or if Google will launch the service but the fact that Google is working on it has surfaced several times over the past year. The new service will reportedly integrate chatbots and software programmes that will be able to answer your queries.

If the service is indeed launched, you will be able to post your query as a simple text message rather than typing it on Google's search bar.  'Google would steer users to specific chatbots, much as its search engine directs users to relevant websites,' said The Wall Street Journal in a recent report.

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As of now, the most popular messaging services are Facebook's WhatsApp and Messenger with Google's Hangouts trailing by quite a margin. Whether Google will dissolve Hangouts after launching the new service is stil not clear, but what we know for sure is that messaging services of the future will double up as digital assistants as well.

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