Ashley Madison saga: Blackmailers, extortionists making the most of leaked profiles

The Ashley Madison saga proved highly damaging for millions of users who risked loss of face and broken marriages, but unfortunately for them, the saga refuses to die down. Armed with detailed profiles of millions of users, blackmailers are now contacting Ashley Madison's users and demanding ransoms with the threat of leaking their details to near and dear ones.

This wasn't totally unexpected, for the leaked profiles revealed details like detailed sexual preferences and fantasies of a large number of users, several of whom were Government officials!

As per Business Insider, several blackmailers are now resorting to physical letters to demand money against their leaked details. However, paying ransom to a blackmailer won't in any way mean there'll be another waiting by the back door, since all these details are in the public domain anyway!

Graham Cluey, a security researcher, recently received a letter from an Ashley Madison user who claimed to have received a physical letter from a blackmailer. The letter said:
"I just received a physical postal letter to my house asking for $4167 USD or exposed my AM account to people close to me. is your advice the same as in your vid about email blackmail? Thank you."

"I understand that it must be very unsettling and worrying, but paying the blackmailers any money is only likely to make them focus on you more. Of course, as the blackmailers have physically sent you something - as opposed to email - that does mean you may have in your hands some useful physical evidence for the police to investigate the perpetrators," Cluey wrote back.

Cyber security is under tremendous threat these days with the likes of Vodafone, TalkTalk and several other large firms coming under DDoS attacks or seeing their websites hacked. If your personal information gets compromised through any such act and you get blackmailed in the process, it's better to inform the authorities than encouraging online criminals.

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