T-Mobile Poland releases flagship release timeline, featuring Samsung, HTC, Microsoft and LG

T-Mobile Poland's recent press conference wasn't too exciting, except for a slide that appeared midway through the lecture. The slide revealed a timeline for major smartphone releases in the first two quarters of next year and included the likes of Sony, HTC, Samsung, Microsoft and LG.

If you're keen on buying a new smartphone in the first two quarters of next year, here's the timeline that should let you plan a bit in advance.

Samsung will release two new Galaxy phones in the first quarter, and no points for guessing, they'll surely be Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge phones. The other phones that will see the light of the day are one from Microsoft and another from HTC.

Samsung Galaxy S7: All we know right now

Image courtesy: Xperia Blog

Microsoft has been in the news recently thanks to a rumour that it may release a Surface phone next year. The rumour added that designing of the next phone has been handed over to the Surface team which recently unveiled the Surface Pro 4 tablet. HTC may also launch the successor of the One M9 in March next year during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Microsoft launches Lumia 550, its first Windows 10 budget phone!

In the second quarter, LG will unveil four new smartphones which isn't surprising considering that they unveiled the G4, G4c and G4 Stylus at the same time this year.

LG G5 is just two months away from launch!

The second quarter will also witness the unveiling of yet another Microsoft Lumia phone, two more Samsung Galaxy phones and yet another HTC One phone. All these releases will take place before Apple unveils the iPhone 7 in September next year.

Xperia blog has now added to the excitement, citing several rumours that point towards the unveiling of five new Xperia Z6 phones next year. These include 4-inch Xperia Z6 Mini, 4.6-inch Z6 Compact, 5.2-inch Z6, 5.8-inch Z6 Plus and 6.4-inch Z6 Ultra.

Sony Xperia Z6: what to expect, leaks and rumours

However, Xperia blog notes that their own reports point towards unveiling of three Xperia phones rather than five, so the new rumour needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. Sony has been following six-month gaps between smartphone launches, but mounting losses and loss of interest among users may now force it to go for a single launch every year.

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