Your Gmail account is now more secure with new Data Loss Prevention tool

Do you run Gmail at work or for business dealings? Here's good news for you. Google has now introduced a new Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tool in Gmail that prevents sensitive and confidential data from getting leaked through email.

"Every company has data that it must keep secure, whether that data is about confidential innovations, strategic plans or sensitive HR issues, keeping all of your data safe from inadvertent or purposeful leaks needs to be simple, quick and reliable," explained Suzanne Frey, director of security, trust, and privacy at Google to V3.

"Organisations may have a policy that the sales department shouldn't share customer credit card information with vendors. And to keep information safe, admins can easily set up a DLP policy by selecting 'Credit Card Numbers' from a library of predefined content detectors.

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"Gmail DLP will automatically check all outgoing emails from the sales department and take action based on what the admin has specified: either quarantine the email for review, tell users to modify the information or block the email from being sent and notify the sender," she added.

The Data Loss Prevention tool scans emails as well as attachments like documents, presentations and excel files for keywords that are predefined in the tool. Once the tool finds a match with sensitive or confidential information, it will take action accordingly as explained by Frey.

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This way, you will now be completely sure that your employees will not, advertently or inadvertently, be able to pass on confidential data to vendors or third parties through email.

The Data Loss Prevention tool isn't Google's first step this year to protect confidential data and keep your data free from hackers. The online giant has taken several steps this year like adding muscle to two-factor authentications, letting customers add their own encryption keys to Google Cloud, cut down spam and handle volume of email through its Postmaster tool. However, the new DLP tool is considered by Google to be powerful enough to protect your data and ward off hackers.

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"Gmail DLP is the first step in a long-term investment to bring rule-based security across Google Apps. We're working on bringing DLP to Google Drive early next year, along with other rule-based security systems," Frey said.

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