Should you trust Apple Maps over Google? Apple says you should

Apple brought a major turnaround in its Maps service when it brought in public transportation data with iOS 9 in September. The new data included bus, subway and train directions and sought to correct erstwhile blunders like missing stations, drives through runways and farms designated as airports!

The redefined Apple Maps also features a new 'Transit view' apart from the existing Standard, Hybrid, and Satellite/Flyover views. The service now enables users to spot airports, stations and subways quickly on the app.

Apple Maps set for major revamp, to get public transit with iOS 9

The move seems to have worked wonders, for Apple is now claiming that its Maps service received three times as many requests on iOS devices as the nearest competitor, which we are quite sure is Google Maps. The total number of requests has now gone up to 5 billion every month!

If the numbers makes you rethink a shift to Apple Maps from Google's popular service, the best way to do that is to do a few trial runs on routes that you actually know, or better still, ask your friends who've tried it on iOS 9.

Apple's Tim Cook apologises over Maps

However, despite Apple straightening the ugly bends, some users still need a lot of convincing to trust Apple Maps completely. A few of them landed on Twitter with complaints and sarcasm.




Even though Google Maps is also far from being perfect, the way Apple has improved its Maps service is laudable. The fact that Apple Maps is the default pathfinder on iPhones and iPads has also helped a lot in re-establishing the Maps service as one of the most popular services across the globe.

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